In-Store, Online, or On the Streets–Meet Customers Where They Are with Omnichannel Payments
12/20/2021 | omnichannel payments apex suite omnichannel experience

In-Store, Online, or On the Streets–Meet Customers Where They Are with Omnichannel Payments

Been shopping lately? How did you go about it? Did you visit a store in-person, or avoid the crowds and buy online? If you bought online, did you use your mobile phone or your desktop computer? Did you research products online then drive to the store to complete the purchase, or did you touch and feel a product in the store then use your phone to buy it while standing in the aisle? 

If you think back to your recent shopping experiences, you may have used just one of these methods or a combination. With all the options available to consumers for researching, buying, and returning everything from clothes to automobiles, the possibilities are endless. In fact, Marketing Week reported that nearly half of today’s consumers use a combination of about six digital and physical touch points—including websites, mobile apps, text, and chat—when interacting with a business. And don’t discount the in-store experience—motivated by the promise of “experience shopping,” younger shoppers are going back to the stores in droves. 

That’s why it’s essential for today’s merchants to provide an omnichannel experience for customers, and be able to sell goods and accept products wherever their customers choose to shop. A key factor in this equation is accepting payments—and tracking and reconciling customer and payment activity—across channels. Additionally, merchants must be able to accommodate a wide array of payment options including cash, credit, debit, digital wallets, mobile apps, prepaid cards, gift cards, and more. The goal is to remove friction between channels and eliminate any barriers that could prevent a customer from completing a purchase.

It’s a tall order, and one that must be accomplished without compromising on security or falling out of compliance with PCI and other industry regulations. Fortunately, AFS has the answer.

Remove the Barriers to Commerce

AFS’s APEX product line delivers robust omnichannel solutions to business owners, enabling them to process payments through any medium or channel. Let’s examine three key proprietary APEX solutions and how they help businesses remove barriers to commerce and reach more customers when and where they’re ready to buy:

  1. APEXNow: Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, a restaurant owner, or a traveling merchant attending events and street fairs, APEXNow provides a turn-key, out-of-the-box solution for dynamic card-present transactions. Merchants can leverage an array of hardware terminals for selling goods to consumers in person—at the counter or table, from a car or food truck, at a kiosk, or on handheld devices. 

AFS’s countertop terminals, restaurant and retail management systems, and mobile readers with Bluetooth connectivity all leverage a central hub and reporting interface that enables you to track and maintain transactions across devices and mediums, and seamlessly tie consumer online payments to retail payments. The result is a smooth and enjoyable purchasing process for customers, and a streamlined way of tracking in-person purchasing and payment activity all in one place.

  1. APEX Gateway: Online channels are the go-to for an increasing number of shoppers, with 230 million Americans having purchased goods online in 2021. APEX Gateway enables merchants to capitalize on this trend without risk, by securely processing payments from consumers on their website, mobile phone, or any browser-based access point. 

Through the APEX Gateway hosted payment form, business owners can link their website to a secure form to process credit card and ACH transactions in a fully PCI- certified environment. This eliminates the risk of storing sensitive credit card data. The APEX Gateway virtual terminal can process one-time payments or recurring payments by enabling consumers to store a payment form using a virtual wallet. It can even accept payments over the phone. Business owners can leverage the power of APEX Gateway virtual terminal and reporting from any browser with internet access, whether by cell phone, tablet or laptop.

  1. APEXConnect: Innovative omnichannel products are being introduced all the time – and merchants want to take advantage of them. Through APEXConnect’s extensive library of feature-rich APIs, they can enhance their ability to accept payments while remaining in compliance with PCI. Software developers can essentially “stand on the shoulders of giants” using APIs to connect to PCI-secure environments, while expanding the feature set to include inventory management, custom gift and loyalty programs, and other innovative offerings. With APEXConnect, it’s possible to customize omnichannel payment experiences to meet and even exceed customer expectations.

By combining these three omnichannel solutions, AFS’s APEX platform enables today’s business owners to meet their consumers where they are, when they’re ready to transact, and ensure the purchasing process is frictionless. Whether you need a robust solution for processing in-person payments, streamlining one-time and recurring online payments, or extending your payment platform’s capabilities to take advantage of cutting-edge, PCI-compliant technologies, the APEX suite of payment solutions has you covered.

Inspire Loyalty with a Frictionless Experience

Success in the crowded retail space is a constant battle, particularly in the Covid-19 era. Consumers are bombarded with ads and messaging, and have endless options for when, where and how to purchase goods. The good news is that when consumers have a good experience with you, they’re likely to continue to patronize your business. And although you can’t control the choices they make, you can ensure a smooth and frictionless experience with your brand when they decide to buy – and increase the odds that they come back for more.

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