Innovative and secure integration path into a library of feature-rich financial technology solutions.

Payment Facilitator

Accept credit cards and handle ACH payments seamlessly. APEXConnect allows for Instant Approvals and Onboarding. Other features include tokenization and the ability to split payments between multiple clients/customers.


We provide a full library of feature rich APIs within APEXConnect to include traditional gateway integration, POS hardware semi-integration, payment facilitation, gift & loyalty options, inventory management, and more. Reduce or eliminate the expense to your platform through revenue made from payment processing.

Software Provider

APEXConnect provides a single solution for transactions of all types and ties back all of the data to a centralized location. Industry-leading technology available through the APEXGateway and the APEXConnect APIs, all at ZERO COST to you. Strategic partnership opportunities available for software vendors looking to expand sales distribution. First $50,000 of credit card payment processing at NO COST.

Payment Solutions

Transform your customer experience by accepting credit card payments online, in-person, by phone or on mobile devices.

Split Payments

Capability to split payments among affiliates, suppliers, distributors and much more.

Fraud Protection

Keep your business safe from data breaches and fraud with real-time fraud prevention and protection tools.

Instant Approval

Through a simplified application process, merchants can be approved and processing transactions in minutes.

Secure and Compliant

Compliance is as important to us as it is to you. We are a Level 1 compliant service and with tokenization and encryption we can help you meet your PCI DSS requirements.