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AFS gives you the tools to grow your business by selling online wherever your customers are ready to purchase.

Expand Your Reach

Customers are ready to transact from anywhere—why limit them? With AFS, our highly customizable e-commerce solutions maximize your revenue by expanding your store’s online presence. Our omnichannel APEX platform helps you manage everything you need, all in one place. It has never been easier to take complete advantage of what e-commerce can offer your business. 

Sell Online, Without Limits

With e-commerce, your business has the power to create an ideal checkout experience, regardless of size or industry. Now you can manage it all with ease, without worrying about complex integrations or third-party websites. By building a streamlined APEX online solution, AFS can help your business achieve a unified payments experience that runs smoothly and without friction across all channels: online, in-store, on mobile and at the point of sale.

Online Buying Made Easy

No matter what industry your business caters to, AFS can help you create a bigger online footprint and generate more sales. More buying opportunities for your customers means more profit for your business—especially when you’re available everywhere. Sign up now to take full control of modern e-commerce capabilities with a fully featured platform designed to help you succeed.  


Grow your online store with ease

  • Showcase your products and conveniently manage everything in one place 

  • Keep track of inventory and update automatically 

  • Easily integrate with shipping vendors 

  • Customer data and reporting all at your fingertips 

  • Customize your online retail store with more ways to pay: more payment method approvals, buy-now-pay-later solutions, and customizable gift and loyalty programs 

Food & Drink

Offer even more options to your customers

    • Seamless and convenient transacting by leveraging delivery services
    • Grow your clientele by showcasing your restaurant or bar with your own website, designed exactly how you want it
    • Optimize checkout efficiency and eliminate lines with easy online ordering and picking up in-store.


Develop your customer base from every channel

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    • Schedule more appointments and book more clients with a dependable and user-friendly website
    • Set up subscriptions and enable benefit programs for your most loyal customers, all on one simple dashboard
    • Support omnichannel payments in advance and expedite the check-in and check-out process