Solutions for every business.
Solutions for every business.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Accept credit cards, run your business and engage your customers — all with AFS supported
point-of-sale systems.
Explore an assortment of wired and POS terminals for every business.



Securely process, accept and process payments from a versatile line of countertop terminals  - built to last in any retail or restaurant environment.

Versatile to work as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal to processes payments safely and fast, even during the busiest hours.

Clover Mini POS

Take swipe, chip and contactless payments right out of the box, with the ability to do taxes, accounting, inventory, rewards and virtually anything else your business needs.
Clover Flex

Take chip and PIN or contactless payments (like Apple Pay®) at the counter, busting the line, at the table, or just about anywhere else.

SwipeSimple POS

Process payment transactions and performs all the basic cash registers functions like ringing up items by department, tracking sales, adding taxes and creating receipts
SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal

Securely process, accept and process payments when customer cards aren’t present  - online, over the phone or through the mail.
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