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Monetize your relationships and entrust your customers with the industry leader in financial technology.

The most important thing to your business success is your relationship with your customers. Entrust the payment processing program for you customers to the industry leader in financial technology and rest assured that they are in good hands.

Entrust your customer payment processing programs with the industry leader in financial technology.

AFS is innovating the payment processing industry through our cutting edge APEX omni channel solution combined with best of breed vendor solutions.

Tech savvy partners can take advantage of innovative API integration to enhance their payment processing feature sent, and business owners can grow their bottom line by meeting their customers where they are ready to transact through our omni-channel solutions.

Take advantage today to take advantage of this cutting edge technology at industry low prices!

The Future of Payments

We’ve developed an omnichannel solution to integrate your POS, gateway, and API.

The APEX Suite is our turn-key solution that reduces the friction caused by your customer’s current payment processing system and integrates into one all-encompassing solution.


An out-of-the-box POS solution that offers features such as inventory management, gift/loyalty programs, dual pricing, contactless payments, and an e-commerce and online order integration.


Innovative and proprietary library of APIs providing integration into a feature-rich stack of payment functionality including gateway/e-commerce integration, payment facilitator integration, gift/loyalty API, and inventory management.


Virtual terminal and e-commerce platform with hosted pay form and recurring billing. ACH transactions now available.


All-in-one e-commerce platform built for small businesses, and a feature product of the APEX omni-channel payment processing platform.

Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Stand out with AFS and Apex and future-proof your secure payment technology.

See how becoming AFS Referral Partner will take your business to the next level of innovation.

Partnering with AFS grants you access to payment processing solutions that allow your merchants to operate more efficienty through:

Differentiate yourself with APEX. Our innovative suite of products is available for all of our referral partners. Give your merchants the omnichannel solution they’ve been looking for with our industry-leading technology and support.


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