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APEXConnect provides a single solution for transactions of all types, and ties back all of the data to a centralized location. Industry leading technology available through the APEX Gateway and APEXConnect API’s, all at ZERO COST to you. 

Strategic partnership opportunities available for software vendors looking to expand sales distribution. First $50,000 of credit card payment processing at NO COST.

Grow your business as an AFS software partner and take advantage of competitive revenue sharing.

We’ve developed a future-proof and cloud-native suite of products that remove the friction from processing payments for both your client and their consumer. Now your client’s business is able to run smoother, faster, and more secure.

Take advantage of our software partner program with 24 hours US-based customer support, hosted pay form integration, and secure technology. Our omnichannel solutions skip the hoops and the middle man so you can focus on releasing your own software.

Full integrations can be completed in as little as three months!

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The Future of Payments

We’ve developed an omnichannel solution to integrate your POS, gateway, and API.

The APEX Suite is our turn-key solution that reduces the friction caused by your customer’s current payment processing system and integrates into one all-encompassing solution.


An out-of-the-box POS solution that offers features such as inventory management, gift/loyalty programs, dual pricing, contactless payments, and an e-commerce and online order integration.


Innovative and proprietary library of APIs providing integration into a feature-rich stack of payment functionality including gateway/e-commerce integration, payment facilitator integration, gift/loyalty API, and inventory management.


Virtual terminal and e-commerce platform with hosted pay form and recurring billing. ACH transactions now available.

Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Stand out with AFS and APEX and future-proof your secure payment technology.

See how becoming AFS Software Partner will take your business to the next level of innovation.

Partnering with AFS grants you access to payment processing solutions that allow your customers to operate more efficiently through:

Differentiate yourself with APEX. Our innovative suite of products is available for all of our agent partners. Give your customers the omnichannel solution they’ve been looking for with our industry-leading technology and support.


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