The Future of Payments

The payments industry is constantly changing, and those changes require your merchants to prepare for whatever comes next. One current trend is towards increased digitalization, which brings a number of questions about data security, legacy systems vs. the cloud, and general readiness for the next big leap in technology or the market.

APEX Product Suite

Preparing for the Future of Payments

AFS recently released an innovative APEX product line – all with the goal to help your merchants run their business more seamlessly. Check out our revolutionary omnichannel system.

Seamless POS solution that includes contactless features, mobile-on-the-go, online ordering, gift/loyalty programs, inventory management and much more!

Innovative and secure integration path into a library of feature-rich solutions including payment facilitation, instant merchant boarding and split payments.

A virtual terminal and e-commerce platform   that enables businesses to help increase revenue and efficiency – all-in-one single, and robust platform.   


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Agility and Adaptability

How AFS Plans for the Future, Today

54% of small businesses see cloud computing as a useful business tool.

The AFS APEX platform is built to be cloud native from the ground up. Since everything is more digital, you have to have a truly global reach. You have to be ready to handle scale, and always be online.

The cloud has a lot of great benefits, like immediate scalability. reliability, and security.

AFS mobile credit card processing
Merchant payment solutions

The Impact of Digitalization

The steady migration of business operations into the digital space has had many different effects on the payments ecosystem.

Small businesses, and especially, ISVs, want payment security to be turnkey. Whatever solution they deploy for their business, they just want to know that the security is already built in.

At AFS, we take a security first approach. Security is embedded in our process from the beginning design stages. We have the best tools in the industry to ensure that the systems we build are as secure as possible.

Agile Financial Systems

Putting the "agile" in Agile Financial Systems

Although nobody can predict the future with complete accuracy, AFS is enabling companies to future-proof their operations by offering agile and adaptable product suites.

The common corporate goals of agility leads to AFS to continuously monitor its software and regularly deploy software updates to address any potential security vulnerabilities.