Payment Solutions

Stand-Alone Terminals

Our low-cost high-yield terminals

Stand-alone terminals are delivered payment-ready and are easy to set up. 

Our most popular line of stand-alone terminals ranges from low-tech push button models to smart terminal applications.

Mobile Payments

Our mobile card reader and secure payment application

With APEX Mobile, merchants can transform their everyday device into a mobile point of sale that’s always ready to take a payment from a customer wherever they meet with them. 

It’s easy to get started by downloading the APEX Mobile app.

Payment Platform

Our embedded payments solutions

APEX Hosted Payment Page- A hosted payment page is a low cost, no code solution that allows a merchant to remain out of PCI compliance scope while seamlessly processing customer payments.

APEX Gateway API – A payment gateway API refers to the technical interface that enables software developers to integrate payment gateway services into their applications or websites. 

APEX.js – Custom gateway integrations designed to embed payment functionality into software applications, websites or business systems.

Virtual Terminal

Our integrated payments solution

A virtual terminal is a web-based application that allows merchants to process payments without the physical presence of a card, like those taken over the phone.

It’s an ideal payment method for accepting credit, debit and ACH transactions and allows a merchant to log check, cash, and other forms of payment.

Point of Sale Systems

Our full-service point of sale

Process payments for sales and track those purchases as well as manage customers, inventory, employees, menu items etc.

A critical function of our systems is providing a merchant with detailed reporting and analytics to help manage their business.