Cloud Native Platforms are Ready for the Future of Payments

Cloud-native technology can be trusted as the apex in the payment processing marketplace that offers infinite scalability, cost reduction, and the highest levels of security today and in the future.

How important should trust be to you, especially at a time when consumers are as cautious as ever? Because of the widespread use of technology, consumers in the 21st century are faced with unprecedented optionality. As a result, establishing customer loyalty for a business has become more difficult than ever before. Advances in payment technology are only compounding the issue and creating a business landscape that is evolving as a direct result of these heightened expectations.

Simply put, there is a lot more at stake for businesses now. In 2021, 47% of consumers decided to no longer purchase from an organization that damages their trust, while 28% will pay a premium to buy from brands they trust. Businesses need to have a more competitive edge in order to gain the trust of their consumers or run the risk of losing them entirely.

With payment processing, much can hinge on choosing the right solution for your needs. A secure, end-to-end payment system is now a major priority for businesses, and the appeal of a reliable turnkey security solution looms large.

Let’s dive into a few reasons why cloud-native technology can be trusted as the apex in the payment processing marketplace that offers infinite scalability, cost reduction, and the highest levels of security today and in the future.

Can cloud-native systems handle sudden changes to the payments industry like those that have come as a result of the pandemic and offer the scalability to manage them?

The average consumer of today was always destined to want the flexibility and scalability that modern payment processing solutions offer. There are no restrictions in the digital world so it’s up to you to be online and ready to scale. Cloud-native payment systems are designed from the ground up to automatically handle the kind of infinite scale that affords consumers the agility they desire.

Cloud-native platforms create APIs that can integrate external systems and share data for better delivery of products and services. The convenience that completely end-to-end service managing in the cloud offers reduces friction and presents more optionality than legacy-based technology systems. Legacy technology is built with limits in mind; cloud-native technology is built for growth. Understanding this difference can mean the difference between your business being on the forefront of the industry versus scrambling to not get left behind.

The desire to innovate payments technology has led to cloud-native solutions that place businesses in the prime position to capitalize on a robust market better than they ever could before. By leveraging the scalability of cloud-native systems, you are rewarding yourself with a head start on the future of payments.

Can cloud-native systems be trusted to be worthy investments for SMBs and large businesses, especially when compared to other payment solutions that the marketplace has to offer?

The omnichannel payment experience is ubiquitous now. 90% of consumers have tried at least one emerging payment type in the last year, and many of them show no signs of turning back. Businesses need to invest in the right payment solution in order to provide the future-ready convenience that will satisfy and retain consumers while simultaneously limiting expenses in the long-term.

A cloud-native solution is built with this success in mind — without compromise. Requiring less maintenance upkeep, infrastructure costs and constant monitoring compared to other payment processing systems brings value to your consumers. When your business experiences exploding growth, you’ll see your revenue and margins scale faster than your costs do.

Comparatively, legacy systems require more expenditure and maintenance than cloud-native systems do. Legacy systems that convert to cloud-based technology can’t compete financially because the cloud conversion process they are now being forced to make is timely and strenuous. Future switching costs and reliability should be kept in mind when deciding on the solution that best fits your needs.

Can cloud-native systems be trusted to offer the cybersecurity necessary to compete with the evolving array of cyber threats targeted at SMBs and large businesses alike?

The sudden rise of e-commerce has unsurprisingly given way to a massive influx in payment fraud and cyberthreats. A Global Insights report finds that consumers rank security as their number one priority online, while 42% of consumers have increased concern for the safety of their online activities. Businesses and consumers are already being inundated with massive demands and changes in omnichannel payments that have come with the pandemic and may not be properly equipped to deal with accelerated cyber threats to payment systems like outages and data breaches. Cloud technology is used as a safeguard to protect consumers from these exact threats through a variety of methods. Here’s just a few:

  • Tokenization vs. Encryption: Tokenization offers more security than encryption and reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud through a more secure verification process.
  • Prevent outages: Cloud-native automation ensures that bandwidth is always supplied as needed—it responds and reacts automatically whenever you approach capacity. These platforms know to increase space, which prevents overloading and outages.
  • Improved overall data security: Cloud-native platforms are fully integrated and ready to go—data does not need to be integrated later, which can run the risk of a data breach when it is transferred over from a legacy system.

Finding the Right Partner to Fit Your Needs

Cloud-native technology can offer you the kind of inherent agility and reliability that legacy systems will struggle to keep up with. Any business that leverages a cloud-native payment processing partner will be uniquely suited to mitigate business risks and stand strong above lesser options as one with a proven track record of curtailing fraud and cyber-attacks.

Security, convenience, and safety must be prioritized for consumers and businesses alike, and a frictionless experience with fast updates and global scaling reach is crucial to building trust. As a business, the onus is on you to “get it right” and partnering with a true end-to-end cloud-native solution provider will leave you ready for whatever curveballs the marketplace may throw your way.

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