Dual Pricing

Incentivize Cash Payments

Providing a dual pricing program can help a business lower or eliminate most of the fees associated with processing credit card transactions by presenting the customer with both a “regular” payment price (for credit cards) and a lower price for cash transactions.

The program allows the customer to select their preferred payment method and the business the ability to offset the cost of credit card fees.

The AFS dual pricing program is in compliance with card brand rules and can be combined with other AFS programs, such as the Free Terminal Program (FTP) to deliver additional value to our customers.

Offer a Discount

  • Card processing is built into product cost
  • Customers paying cash over using a credit or debit card receive a discount

Eliminate Fees

  • Offset processing costs entirely
  • Business owners collect more of their sales

Get the Benefits

  • Easy transition from other processing programs
  • No hidden fees
  • Customized reporting provides simple reconciliation

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